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Vascon Solar Experts Ltd. can offer and provide quality products and is able to back all guarantees so that you can be sure that you have made the best choice for your investment. Our company selects equipment that is made in countries that have experience in construction on a global scale.

Products for Net Metering

An interconnected system is permanently connected to the AHK network enabling the channeling of the energy made in the system. There are no storage mechanisms and such a system must be designed so that the maximum in annual electricity production can be achieved. This is attained by a combination of many factors.

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Products for Stand-Alone Systems

An independent Photovoltaic system includes the solar panels, a charge controller, which displays the charging and discharging cycles of the batteries depending on the demand for consumption and finally an inverter for the voltage to change from continuous to alternant.

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Products for P/S for pumping water

The solar photovoltaic systems for pumping and recycling water are one of the best solutions for supplying water either there is electricity available or not. It saves electrical and liquid fuels.

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